Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Weather Has Changed

From 29th Oct.
Just before Torah study, I was stopped by a friend who just wanted to give me a hug and encouarge me. She was raised in a Navy household, and therefore, from at least a child's point of view what I going through.
Our Sabbath school wishes to do something for Mark and his unit. April, who heads the Shabbat School, is also fellow miliatry brat. The children will not only have our picture in their classroom, but will pray for him and our troops. The prayers of a child avail much.

Well, Autmun as truly arrived.

There is indeed at familiar chill in the air that makes our start the Hot Chocolate. Out has come the socks, sweaters and boots. I need to get some boots. I love boots. They go great with almost anything.
Mark would love Norfolk now. He loves cooler weather; StarBucks! We love Pumpkin Spice lattes. And we are only ten minutes from our neighorhood Starbucks, it served as one of our weekly 'date' spots.
StarBucks. Once I get a land address for Mark, I will add a bag of StarBuck coffee in his CarePackage. Along with his homemade cookies.

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