Monday, October 20, 2008

Ericka's Gift

From 25th Nov, 2007:
I finished Ericka's Bat Mitzvah gift this evening.

Ericka is the eldest daughter of our dear friends-brother and sister, Rudy and Jezreel. She and her siblings call us "Auntie and Uncle."

I hope she likes it. I took a few pictures of it and will soon post them on the journal. I am feeling better. There is always a high that comes when I finish a tapestry.
As a "daughter of the Torah," I didn't wish to just celebrate Erika's taking her place in the commuity, but remind her (and in doing so, myself) that we must chose for friends who love the Torah as much as we do. For they shall encourage to stay close to G-d and His Word.

But if we should friends who don't love the Torah, they will lead us away from G-d and His Words. It happened to me as a young girl, and I know many that has happen to.

I pray that Erika, that all of our young ones remain close to Adonia and His Torah.
We as adults must be willing to give our time, talent and treasure to our young ones, bringing them up in the Ways and Commands of the L-rd. It is one of the ways that keeps us faithful.

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