Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Different Hanukkah

The Freeing of the SoulOn Hanukkah the freeing of the Jewish soul is represented with eight days of candle lighting.- Rabbi Goldie Milgram

Tuesday, December 11, 200710:25:00 PM EST
Feeling: Quiet
This morning as I was leaving to meet mummie at her doctor's office, I found a small box waiting for me.
It was from Mark.
When I arrvied at the doctor's, I opened it, knowing mummie would wish to share in the goodie box.

It was a beauitful lavender dress with white and silver needlework.
A light lavender scarve with lavender needlework to match. That man. That wonderful, thoughtful, loving man. I could see him now, fingering the dress and scrave, knowing his beloved would love it.
Love from Iraq.

I am so blessed.
It has been a different Hanukkah this year, Ouiet, peaceful. And for the most part, personal. We have lit the candles together; Mark in Iraq, I here in Virginina.

Mark has been blesses to bring Hanukkah cheer to his fellow Jewish soldiers. I shared from my table. It wasn't the nosey, parties or merry-making that we are use to, but a nice quiet Holy day that I shared with my beloved in a special way.
And next year, G-d willing, Mark will be home for Haunkkah.

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