Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Wonder of Crayons

The Wonder of Crayons
Have you seem the expression on a child's face when they receive their first box of crayons?I have.
I still remember the day Mummie gave me my first box of crayons. One of the few things I didn't have to share with my little sister.
It meant I was now a big girl! ( @ 5 years old, I didn't realize I still had a lot of growing up to do) I could create my whole world through eight stick of colourful wax. As I grew older I would learn there were even more colours. Boxes that held 48, 64, 98 and now 120 (I know, I have that box) of these wonder sticks.
I could create whole new worlds, peoples and animals. plants, flowers, fish, birds, stars, planets.
Over the years, working as a Nanny as well a Preschool Teacher's Aide, I watched that same wonder come over little folk who would share the wonder of colour. The same wonder that still fills me with awe. And as I look about me, I see that our Creator loves colour too. For can you otherwise explain the vast colours of His creation and the people that walk this good earth?
In one hour, I am going to hand a three year girl a box of crayons and a princess colouring book.
And partake of the magic once again.

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