Sunday, October 19, 2008

Meet Moshe

This is Moshe, who I mention in an earlier entry.
From 19th Nov:
A Mouse Who Can Write...Who Knew?
My name is Moshe. Moshe the Mouse. As you can see, my favorite drink is Starbucks Peppermint latte,
I have been part of the Yacob family for about a year. One day, while shopping for Hanukkah gifts for his beloved Tirzah, Yehudah found me at a drugstore. Unbeknowest to Yehudah, Tirzah Elanna found a Rabbi Bear and named him Abraham.
Now, you have to understand, these are two dear souls who are indeed adults, but they both love stuffed animals. And thrus this is how Abraham and I came part of this awesome family.
One day, The Holy One-Blessed be He, will give them children. But for now, I enjoy Imma's chocolate chips and mocha coffee.
I just wish Abba and Abraham were here to share my cookie and coffee. But later, Imma shall pack Abba's carepackaes, including Starbuck coffee and homemade chocolate chips. Ahhh....I can smell them even now.
And of course I shall help. I'm a very good cook you know.
Abba loves Imma's chocolate chips. But then, Abba loves everything about Imma.
But that's a different story....

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