Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Good Shabbat

From 3 Nov 2007:

Friday I awoke early and made the Challah for tonight.
They was so beautiful: I wish I'd taken a picture of the two loaves. I love the smell of the Challah as it bakes, filling the house with it's heavenly smell.
Mark called while I was clearing up. He laughed as I told him how flour was all over the dinning room and myself.
That his wife was right now white,
Mark yelled, "Noooooo! I want my Pookie back." He laughed because as I told him about the mess and my cleaning everything up, he said he felt a part of what was happening at home. And for a brief moment, it felt as if he was indeed home.
But I remember myself; he is here. Just as I am in his heart and he is in my, we are indeed together. And therefore, never really alone.
We had decided to start kindling the lights of Shabbat @ the same time. This means, I will set aside a set of Shabbat lights just for that time.
For Mark it is 6pm.
So me, that would be about 9am.
Good Shabbat my love.

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