Sunday, October 19, 2008

Life: The Gift From G-d

From 4th Nov 2007;
I was reading this morning of how G-d blew into the mouth of Adam and Adam became a living soul.
Hmmmm, everything else G-d chanted into being. But with Man, G-d lowere Himself, got into the dirt and formed Man in His imagane.
How the Hands of G-d molded and formed the Man. Each touch loving, drawing smiles from the Face of G-d. And then with tender love, G-d placed His Mouth upon cold lips and began to blow into the mouth of Adam.
But G-d didn't stop with one breath. Each breath Adam and Adam (who was later renamed Eve) took until their dying day, came from G-d.
And it is the same with us. Each breath comes from G-d. Our hearts beat, not because we will, but because He wills. And that is why our Sages say that it is a sin not to enjoy our lives, not to be thankful for the Gift of Life, the Gifts of love He has gone to us.
I chose live my life with joy.
My life is a gift from G-d.
What I do with it is a gift to Him.

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