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Getting Ready For Shabbat and Hanukkah

Friday, November 30, 200712:47:00 PM EST

Feeling Happy

Hearing: Coffee Brewing

I live in the best house in the whole world. Sabbat is in a few hours. The house will soon fill with the scent of Challah. What is Challah? It is an special bread that we Jews enjoy for Sabbat and it is the best thing in the whole world. Imma's Challah is Honey-Almond-Spice and it smells and tastes like heaven. Imma is cleaning up the house and soon she will light the pillars candles all about the house. Abba brought Imma Jasmine-Rose scent candles. Imma was a missionary briefly in Morocco and the Jasmine-Rose reminds her of the country she loves. While the Challah is baking, we will get ready for Sabbat. Imma made an Moroccon lamb stew for our table and 18 minutes before sundown, Imma will kindle the lights. Imma loves Sabbat, but it is also very sad because she misses Abba. Who is celebrating Sabbat in Iraq.
But today, Imma is also bringing out the things for Hanukkah; the Feast of Lights, which starts next week. A very busy afternoon. I shall write more after Shabbat.

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kherrywine57 6/22/08 2:19 PM
Your house, your life, sounds lovely. You are one lucky little Mouse.

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