Sunday, November 13, 2011

Support Our Troops

How often I hear Support Our Troops.
And I am so thankful for every person that has prayed for our men and women in the military as well as for us the families who love them.
But sometimes I wonder, how much do we as a nation really appreacte the armed forces?
Oh, I'm not talking about Carepackages and letters form school children, great as they are.
But I mean when a soldier comes home and his wife hands his the papers saying the Bank is forclosing on their home? Or the Army Reserviest (like my husband) who comes home and still can't find a job after a year.
A National Gurad who know has to go and apply for Food Stamps to feed her family. The months of waiting to be seen at the VA hosptial.
There are wonder busniesses who indeed stepped up to the plate and hired our returning Veterans. There are wonderful groups, like Support Our Troops (one of the blogs I follow,) make sure our military isn't forgotten. And then there are folks I know who pray for Mark and I and all our troops.
I truly believe that they have given theit best, yes even their lives for us.
Maybe it is time for us as a nation, to step up our game and really support our troops.
Yeah, bring them home. Give them jobs and don't take thier homes.