Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Thin Line

There are times it is very hard to figure out when one has crossed the line from sharing one's pain and longing and whining. To know when it is ok to stay in bed for the day or to put on your big girl panties and deal with it. When letting the housework slide is ok and when you need to really pull yourself together.
To know when to be strong and when it is ok to admit your not.
When do we allow  friend to cry on our shoulder because their missing thier beloved who still has six months to go on their deployment and when do we grab them by the shoulders and tell them to "Man Up! Your spouse needs YOU to be strong!"
Not having children (yet) I don't have the blessing of little people to take care of. And since I am a homemaker, I keep the Tent of the Reel Tribe in running order.
For me, I allow one day of depression, of sleeping in, of crying and maybe a bowl (small) of ice cream.
But then there is the next day....
"Mrs R! Look at YOU!!!! Get in that shower! Braid your hair! Put on rose body oil, the scent your man likes. Put on your sweats and go out for that morning walk! MOVE IT!"
There are times the tears fall and I let them.
Others, i go and wash my face and smile into my reflection in the mirror, remembering that there is someone half way around the world that loves this face. And I need to take care of me and our home for him. Just as he is taking care of himself to come back to me.
I look at that reflection and remind myself that I am a woman, not a child. That I don't whine, but shine.
And that only big girls get to wear Hot Pink Panties.
So deal with it.

It's a Reel Thing: Anesthesia, Oxygen and Other Stuff#links#links#links#links

It's a Reel Thing: Anesthesia, Oxygen and Other Stuff#links#links#links#links

Think I'll go back to bed.....

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Birthday Gift

As my readers know, Mark's birthday was last week.
And he informed me that I, his loving wife, brought him a beautiful silk rug for his birthday.
Aren't I the thoughtful wife :)
This called The Four Seasons, because it changes colours when you turn it in different directions. And I know it is going to look great in our bedroom.
Today I packed a carepackage for my beloved. Filled with dried fruits, a few cans of kippers (Mark loves kippers in his salad) a four can pack of Del Monte Mandarin Oranges (he loves mandarin oranges with cottage cheese) and Empire's Truffles from Isreal. I send those to Mark in his Passover Carepackage and they were such a hit I brought him another box. Since there is Volanico ash causes flights to be rerouted, instead of baking cookies and taking the change of they arriving to Mark fresh, I found Mrs. Fileds oatmeal raisin with walnuts cookies. They are nice and big as well as soft and chewy..
And of course a few letters. Mark says he likes getting letters from home. Something he can read over and over again.
He recieved some cards from home yesterday. But still not my cards.
But Mark reminds me not be upset: they will come.

How To Survive an Deployment

The above is a project I did several months ago, mainly for my sanity. But I also knew a few women who were about to walk under the formation of sword arches and recieve that smack on the bump with the words: "welcome into the army Mrs..."
Which is one of the reasons I didn't want a military wedding.
While my answers may not be for everyone, they are what keeps me going. It is what keeps me connected with my husband, keeps the love alive and the flames going.
Being a military spouse isn't easy and it isn't for the faint of heart. But I wouldn't trade my life with anyone. For I am married to the greatest guy in the world, my bestfriend, a man who loves me dearly, and I him. As a army wife, I am part of something bigger than myself, somehting that makes a difference in the world as well as my nation.
And how people can really say that?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pictures from Passover In Afghanistan
These pictures are from The Seder Mark and his unit had a few weeks ago. Due to a rainstorm, the flight to where are the hebrew soliders were meeting for Passover was canceled. So Mark and the other quickly came up with their own celebration.
Go Army!

Catching Up

Well it has been an interesting two weeks.
I survived my first Passover without Mark.
I have kept Passover before we even met years ago; it just isn't the same.
Last week was Mark's birthday and the unit gave him a card and a small celebration. We shall save that for when he gets home.
And then during the Feast of Unlenaven Bread, I began to experence heartburn. So bad I thought I was having heart problems. My doctor said my heart was fine. But he was concern about the bloating of my feet and tummy.
Turns out my hitial herina is misplaced and I need to go in for a Endoscopy series.
Tomorrow afternoon.
There goes my morning cup of coffee.
So, once I started feeling better, I started picking up the apartment, getting things back into order.
I have to be honest: as much as housework isn't my favorite thing to do, it does keep me busy and stops my mind from coming up with strange thoughts and imagines.
So, this afternoon, I continue working on a baby afghan for a friend. And then perparing for tomorrow.
I did have the joy of speaking to my beloved this morning before he went to bed.
Always a nice way to start the day; knowing he is ok.
I just wish he was home right now.
It's a bummer being sick and your man isn't about.

It's a Reel Thing: Happy Birthday, Beloved#links#links#links#links

It's a Reel Thing: Happy Birthday, Beloved#links#links#links#links
Mark's birthday and how I coped.