Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's a Reel Thing: Who Says G-d Doesn't Have a Sense of Humour?#links#links#links#links

It's a Reel Thing: Who Says G-d Doesn't Have a Sense of Humour?#links#links#links#links

Well, I have survived our first Passover apart. (See the above link)
Now to Mark's Story.
It seems that he had the same pouring rain we had here in Virginia. So their flight out was canceled.
This means the five hebrews of the unit had to run about like mice to gather the things they would need to celebrate Passover.
LOL, sounds a lot like was happening in my house.
But they got it together. One soldier had the finger puppets send by her parnets to ask the Four Questions. Mark drew out a Fred Flintstone looking bone as the shank bone. Their Seder plate was a paper plate with dividers.
And someone's family tradition was actually to Sing "Go Down Moses!" An old negro spiritual.
We decided to add that to our Seder next year.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mark's Quilt.

I had planned on going to bed early. I didn't sleep well last night.
But I thought that maybe tonight I would work on Mark's quilt. It might help me relax.
I have exactly been working on it since just before we were engaged. The first thing was the pattern, which was easy. I wore at the time (it has since broke) a Star of David that had in each of the triangles a symbol of each of the 12 tribes. Well, we have since changed it a little. It will now be twelve Stars of David with the symbol of each trible.
Next was finding just the right fabic. That took a few years, but finally I found several pieces that had hebric patterns.
This is one of the Star of David panels.
So now, I have nine stars finished. Once the other three are done, I have a starry night backgound that the twelve stars will be sewn onto.
As I work on Mark's quilt, I think of my beloved, of so many loving memories we have made. I pray for his and his unit, for our troops and all who serve this nation in the miliarty. I imagine what Mark's face will look like when he sees it finished. I imagine what it will look like on our bed.
I imagine, G-d willing, one day our children laying this quilt, tugged under Mark's arms as he reads or tells them a story.
I pray G-d will bless us with children indeed.
I pray my beloved returns home.

It's a Reel Thing: Passover Care Package.

It's a Reel Thing: Passover Care Package.

Monday, March 22, 2010

More Pictures From the Beach

While both of us did end up getting quite sick towards the end of Mark's R&R, we still had a wonderful time. I thinl our time at the beach was the best. For we were able to just relax and focus on each other.

The First Rain of Spring

I am actaully enjoying this day.
It is the first rainy day of Spring and I have a jug outside, catching the rainwater for my plants.
It is also a good day for a good cup of coffee, cleaning and other stuff.
The BathRoom has recieved a good washing down and now ready for Passover. The windows in the bedroom are open, letting in fresh air.
The next few days will be devoted to the little Shul. Mark's desk is back in order, but then there is my. And of course the dusting and fresh candles for the Menorah. Because is it made out of iron, it is the only menorah that doesn't need cleaning and polishing.
I was telling a friend a few days ago this holy work actually keeps the depression at bay. Yes, at night, as I prepare for bed the sadness comes because my beloved isn' here. But during the day, preparing our home for the High Holy Days, thought and giggles of Passovers past and playing of music keeps the clouds outside where they belong.
Last week I made Pumpkin Spice cookies for my upstairs neighors. Tonight, it will be chocolate chip. I found Peanut Butter cookie mix in the Cupboard, so I have to make those and get them out of the house as well. We have new downstairs neighors. I wonder if they like Peanut butter cookies?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sweet Surprise

This morning, alittle after 11 am, the phone rang.
It was my beloved.
Oh how good was to hear his voice.
But then again I say that all the time, don't I?
It was 8pm and after a long day, he was preparing for bed, but wanted to hear my voice before he went to sleep.
I know the feeling: Mark often calls as I am preparing for bed and I always sleep better when I had spoken to him.
The unit had two Challah makers (the egg rich bread we enjoy on Shabbat) one has since gone home. So Mark is helping out, since he use to help me at home every once in a while with the baking.
He said the one they made for this Shabbat came out rather large, light and fluffy, making three loaves. Right now they are using paper cups, guessing at the measurements. So I will be including plastic measuring cups in the next Carepackage. This way, whoever makes Challah will have the right tools to use.
I just think it is cool to celebrate Shabbat in Afghanistan.
Mark has left me pictures and permission to post them.
It is now in Afghanistan and Mark says the weather is rather nice.
But I forgot to ask how his little garden was coming along.
We are both now preparing for Pesach (Passover) Me cleaning the apartment, removing the leaven, Mark doing the same in his quaters. The Hebrews in his unit will gather together at the place the rabbi is now preparing to keep the Passover.
I believe that the Holy One is going to meet both of us in a very special way this Passover. Though a half a world apart, our love, our faith and even the celebrating the High Holy Days keep us closer and nearer than if we were in the same room.
It is a beautiful Spring day.
Too nice to be inside.
Time for a walk.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's a Reel Thing: A Day of Rest and Peace#links#links#links#links

It's a Reel Thing: A Day of Rest and Peace#links#links#links#links

One of the beautiful times in our lives is Shabbat. For Mark and I it isn't just a nice idea, but a way of life. While deployed, Mark does have Saturday morining off (for the most part) for prayer and study. I try to keep up our traditions as best I can, but it is the day I miss him the most.

Friday, March 19, 2010

It's a Reel Thing: Depression#links#links#links#links

It's a Reel Thing: Depression#links#links#links#links

Depression is a real battle each of one us 'left behind" go through with our beloved deployed.
The key I found is not to fight it, but realize that I am depressed, allow myself to feel the anger, the fear, release the tears and either through prayer and/or speaking to someone, I can get a handle on my emotions.
Having a hobby, a work-out plan, a good diet, doing a good deed for someone else and getting together with a good friend goes a long way in helping lifting the Deployment Funk

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pumkin Spice Cookies

So I began my Spring/Passover cleaning by making Pumkin Spice cookies and giving them to my upstairs neighors. These folks are great; often stop by to see if I need anything, take out my trash, gone to the store for juice when I was sick. Knowing Mark is deployed, they keep an eye out for me.
I am alittle sad, since I would have loved to have made these for Mark. But his next CarePackage has to be kosher for Passover and these cookies would have been a no-no. But I did see some nice treats, so tomorrow when I go shopping for Shabbat, I shall pick up some things to send him.
It has been a few nights since I'd spoken to Mark. I am hoping he calls tonight.
I have good news: my health is much improved. Sarah and Paul had their baby, a beautiful little girl.

As I began this entry, Mark called. It is so good to hear my beloved's voice. He had a lot of work to catch up on since his return from leave. So this was his first chance to call.
Ww spoke for awhile, giving and recieving updates and now he is on his way to the Gym before beginning his day.
As my begins to wind down.
So, having spoken to my beloved, I am going to take a warm shower, dress for bed and read some before sleep.
Thank G-d for watching over my beloved.

A Good Visit

The doctor's visit went well. I'd been taken off two medications and hopefully will be taken off the rest after my visit in May.
It has been since I'd spoken to Mark, so I will have good for him. I know he will be relieved.
Now it is time to start preparing for Passover.
I think I'm more excited about Mark celebrating Passover in Afghanistan than I am here. And the rabbi has agreed to Mark taking pictures of the celebration.
As much as I missed my guy, it is during these times I miss him the most. Mark loves to partake in the preparations, our sharing the Sedar table with friends and family. The memories we already share and the stories that are already part of the Sedar itself.
Our faith is a commuion faith. Yes, individual relationship with G-d is important. Prayer, worship, those special time are so sweet.
But as Hebrews, we are also part of a community. We stand before G-d as one on one as as One. As a whole. The High Holy Days draws the nation of Israel together to be with her G-d.
I just wish I could hold my beloved's hand as we do so.

In the Light of the Sun

As I prepare for my doctor's visit, I realize how bright the sun is today.
Spring is on her indeed.
And with her coming is preparing for Passover.
It is bittersweet since it has been years since I'd been alone for Passover. Mark and I have hosted at least one Sedar each Passover the past four years and this year with him in Afghanistan and we no longer attend Beth Messiah, it is going to be different indeed.
Given that asthma is often triggered by stress, I chose not to think about it right now.
Right now, I need to prepare to see my doctor and take it from there.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


It has been a few weeks since I was last here.
Mark was home.
He brought home a virus.
And after several wonderful days at the beach, we both ended up in the E.R
He with an inner ear infection.
Me a full blown asthma attack that those several hours to get under control.
So, now Mark's infection has cleared up and he is back in Afghanistan.
And I am recovering.
Honestly, I am doing so much better than I was last week.
Tomorrow I have see my doctor and I believe she shall be pleased with how things are coming along.
My laptop is back home and right now the systmen is downloading all the backup files. Mark gave me some new pictures to share and once my laptop is ready, I will add them.

Today was a beautiful day. Bright, sunny and warm. I even got out and did some walking. Yes, there was some wheezing as I came home, but that's fine. I was able to walk a full hour hour before it began and that is a huge improvement since last week.
I am thankful for my recovery. Not just that I enjoy being sick. But Mark doesn't need to be worried about how I am doing. He needs to know I am healthy and happy. Well, as happy as woman could be with her man half way around the world.