Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Good Visit

The doctor's visit went well. I'd been taken off two medications and hopefully will be taken off the rest after my visit in May.
It has been since I'd spoken to Mark, so I will have good for him. I know he will be relieved.
Now it is time to start preparing for Passover.
I think I'm more excited about Mark celebrating Passover in Afghanistan than I am here. And the rabbi has agreed to Mark taking pictures of the celebration.
As much as I missed my guy, it is during these times I miss him the most. Mark loves to partake in the preparations, our sharing the Sedar table with friends and family. The memories we already share and the stories that are already part of the Sedar itself.
Our faith is a commuion faith. Yes, individual relationship with G-d is important. Prayer, worship, those special time are so sweet.
But as Hebrews, we are also part of a community. We stand before G-d as one on one as as One. As a whole. The High Holy Days draws the nation of Israel together to be with her G-d.
I just wish I could hold my beloved's hand as we do so.

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