Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pumkin Spice Cookies

So I began my Spring/Passover cleaning by making Pumkin Spice cookies and giving them to my upstairs neighors. These folks are great; often stop by to see if I need anything, take out my trash, gone to the store for juice when I was sick. Knowing Mark is deployed, they keep an eye out for me.
I am alittle sad, since I would have loved to have made these for Mark. But his next CarePackage has to be kosher for Passover and these cookies would have been a no-no. But I did see some nice treats, so tomorrow when I go shopping for Shabbat, I shall pick up some things to send him.
It has been a few nights since I'd spoken to Mark. I am hoping he calls tonight.
I have good news: my health is much improved. Sarah and Paul had their baby, a beautiful little girl.

As I began this entry, Mark called. It is so good to hear my beloved's voice. He had a lot of work to catch up on since his return from leave. So this was his first chance to call.
Ww spoke for awhile, giving and recieving updates and now he is on his way to the Gym before beginning his day.
As my begins to wind down.
So, having spoken to my beloved, I am going to take a warm shower, dress for bed and read some before sleep.
Thank G-d for watching over my beloved.

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