Wednesday, March 17, 2010


It has been a few weeks since I was last here.
Mark was home.
He brought home a virus.
And after several wonderful days at the beach, we both ended up in the E.R
He with an inner ear infection.
Me a full blown asthma attack that those several hours to get under control.
So, now Mark's infection has cleared up and he is back in Afghanistan.
And I am recovering.
Honestly, I am doing so much better than I was last week.
Tomorrow I have see my doctor and I believe she shall be pleased with how things are coming along.
My laptop is back home and right now the systmen is downloading all the backup files. Mark gave me some new pictures to share and once my laptop is ready, I will add them.

Today was a beautiful day. Bright, sunny and warm. I even got out and did some walking. Yes, there was some wheezing as I came home, but that's fine. I was able to walk a full hour hour before it began and that is a huge improvement since last week.
I am thankful for my recovery. Not just that I enjoy being sick. But Mark doesn't need to be worried about how I am doing. He needs to know I am healthy and happy. Well, as happy as woman could be with her man half way around the world.

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