Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mark's Quilt.

I had planned on going to bed early. I didn't sleep well last night.
But I thought that maybe tonight I would work on Mark's quilt. It might help me relax.
I have exactly been working on it since just before we were engaged. The first thing was the pattern, which was easy. I wore at the time (it has since broke) a Star of David that had in each of the triangles a symbol of each of the 12 tribes. Well, we have since changed it a little. It will now be twelve Stars of David with the symbol of each trible.
Next was finding just the right fabic. That took a few years, but finally I found several pieces that had hebric patterns.
This is one of the Star of David panels.
So now, I have nine stars finished. Once the other three are done, I have a starry night backgound that the twelve stars will be sewn onto.
As I work on Mark's quilt, I think of my beloved, of so many loving memories we have made. I pray for his and his unit, for our troops and all who serve this nation in the miliarty. I imagine what Mark's face will look like when he sees it finished. I imagine what it will look like on our bed.
I imagine, G-d willing, one day our children laying this quilt, tugged under Mark's arms as he reads or tells them a story.
I pray G-d will bless us with children indeed.
I pray my beloved returns home.

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