Monday, March 22, 2010

The First Rain of Spring

I am actaully enjoying this day.
It is the first rainy day of Spring and I have a jug outside, catching the rainwater for my plants.
It is also a good day for a good cup of coffee, cleaning and other stuff.
The BathRoom has recieved a good washing down and now ready for Passover. The windows in the bedroom are open, letting in fresh air.
The next few days will be devoted to the little Shul. Mark's desk is back in order, but then there is my. And of course the dusting and fresh candles for the Menorah. Because is it made out of iron, it is the only menorah that doesn't need cleaning and polishing.
I was telling a friend a few days ago this holy work actually keeps the depression at bay. Yes, at night, as I prepare for bed the sadness comes because my beloved isn' here. But during the day, preparing our home for the High Holy Days, thought and giggles of Passovers past and playing of music keeps the clouds outside where they belong.
Last week I made Pumpkin Spice cookies for my upstairs neighors. Tonight, it will be chocolate chip. I found Peanut Butter cookie mix in the Cupboard, so I have to make those and get them out of the house as well. We have new downstairs neighors. I wonder if they like Peanut butter cookies?

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