Sunday, October 19, 2008

Shoulders to Lean On

I stopped by the store today for bread. I'd forgotten to get bread a few days ago.
I was waited by the store manager, Sara.
She asked how I was doing. I told her; "this is one of my good days."
She smiled. Her husband is also in the services and did not have to return to Iraq. So she understood what I was going through.
"I'm sure that you have heard all of the stories," Sara with a smile. "That this will make you appreatence each other more, make the home coming sweeter, etc, etc."
Yes, I have.
"And there is some truth to that. But it doesn't make the separation easier." Sara went on.
Spoken like a military wife. "Your a woman of prayer. Keep praying. That is the key."

Next, I stopped by our local Starbucks. It has been hard without Mark being there.
The manager waited on me, asking the same questions Sara had asked earlier. And I gave her the same answers. She said she had noticed I wasn't come in that often, but to know eveyone was keeping Mark and i in thier prayers. She smiled and went on to say that Mark's last visit, he had told her he was leaving for Iraq.
She understood; her husband is in the Navy, also in Iraq. I will be going to Starbucks more.
Yes, we military spouses are a strong, faithful group. We have to be to be able to enduce such long separations, knowing our loved ones are in the line of danger. But it is nice when someone allows you to be sad, depressed, lonely. Allowing you to miss the one you love.
I thank G-d for my mum, dad and mum Reel, my Rabbi and other friends who offer shoulders to cry on.
And friends like Sara and a manger at Starbucks.

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