Sunday, October 19, 2008


I confess, I'm fried.
I feel pushed and pulled.

Demands left and right. All I wantt to do is crawl under the bed covers and cry.
I want to scream and throw something.
Questions. So many questions. Everyone ask the same questions, but never realizing how hard it is to repect the same answer over and over and over again.

Things said without thinking.
And tonight. I lost the little grace I'd had. I let it be known just how all of the questions and thoughtness statements make me feel.
Funny, I remember Mark telling me this is how he felt the last time he came home from Iraq. the last time.

Now I undersand how he feels.
G-d, if there is anytime I need your grace, it is now.
Otherwise, no one who ever speak to me again.

I just recieved a e-mail from another army wife: Take up kickboxing.

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