Sunday, October 19, 2008

No Guilt

I will not feel guilty because I am sad or depressed. I will not feel guilty for tears or throwing pillars. I will not feel guilty for telling rude people that they are rude. I will not feel guilty because I don't smile or talk or laugh. I will not feel guilty when I don't feel like getting out of bed or feeling like crying. I will not feel guilty for eating a big bowel mint chocolate chip ice cream; I'll just work it off at the YMCA the next day. I will not feel guilty for only anwering the phone when it's Mark. Or for not answering the door or returning a phone call. I will not feel guilty for not chosing to answer questions or explaining why I didn't go to Sabbat service or because I sound a bit testy. I will not feel guiIty for throwing tantums. I will not feel guilty for being who I truly am; a army wife under alot of stress and who is miising her huband. I will not feel guilty for being human.
And for those that don't like it; put your big girl panties on and deal with it.
Two days and counting.
Two days before my shopping trip with Sarah. Two more days before we hit the stores and do some major damage. Two days before I buy my new boots. The weather is changing here and I shall need them.
I have to see Dr.T this morning. Hopefully, this week will be the last week of treatment on my tendon. I also need to drop off at the cleaners a couple of blouses that the arms need to be let out. I have to face it: I have big arms and all out of the working out will not change that. I am also looking forward to my daily walk. I couldn't do it this morning. So it will be this afternoon. I really slept well last night. I believe the fresh air had much to do with that.
This afternoon I have to go over the cooking sheets and other cooking tools for the Craft Show this coming weekend. I plan to have things to sell, but also samples of various Challahs. I think I will do well.
I am almost finished creating my little working spot in the dinningroom. I just need a corner for the sewing machine and the fabric. My plan is to have Mark's quilt finished by the time he comes home from Iraq.

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