Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Good Shabbat

From Sunday, December 16, 200712:45:00 AM EST

Feeling: Happy
A Good Sabbath
Though it is quite messy outside with the rain and all, it has been a good Sabbath.

I went to the early morning Torah study. I'd missed that class and need to start attending once again. Then there's the service itself. It has been a long time since I'd felt the Breath of G-d as I did today at Temple. I could feel G-d in a mighty way today.

Many could.

I wasn't there last week, but a sister told me she saw Yeshua's Face in the Ark.

I saw Him as I read from the Torah. In the lady's room the Glory was so heavy that four of us prayed right there and then the Rabbi's wife spoke the very words we prayed in the service. This is season for miracles and we are feeling them. We as a faith communty went through a major storm this pass summer. I am beginning to see a slight rainbow overhead.
Sadly, I did not speak to my beloved today. I do miss him so much and there is a calm I have after I speak to him. But I aslo understand that with the phones the way they are, he sometimes cannot get through. What really gives me true peace is knowing how well he is really doing. He sounds good and most importantly he feels good and knows that there is a purpose for his being there.
As Mark has said, "President Bush signed the order, but it was HaShem Who send him there."

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