Monday, October 27, 2008

Another Quiet Shabbat

From; Friday, November 30, 2007
Part 2
Finally! the house has warmed up and the Challah is almost at the end of the first rising. I have cleaned up my work place and will soon have to kneel the dough and set it for the second rising. I also need to start getting ready for Hanukkah which begins next Tuesday evening.

And while I love this holiday, it is very hard.
Our first Hanukkah together, I learned Mark had just received his orders to Iraq, his first tour.
The second he was in Iraq.
The third, was just after Mark started cancer treatment and we had started talking about marriage.
The fourth, we celebrated with our faith community and then our family in California, Mark's Aunt and Uncle. What a blast.
Last year, we had an Hanukkah dinner for family and friends. Lots of latkes and laugher.
This year, I will kindler the Hanukkah lights and look into the night sky, knowing Mark will do the same in Iraq.

Good Shabbat, Beloved.

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