Monday, October 20, 2008

A Good Laugh

From Wednesday, November 21, 200712:11:00 PM EST
Feeling Silly
Hearing Shimmy

Mark callled this afternoon.

I really needed to speak to him. As always, I felt so much better having vented. While he isn't here to help me through this most difficult of choice,s: to just let go of someone dear to me.
I feel his support even now. He helped me to see that I had indeed made the right choice and he loves me very much.
G-d has indeed blessed me with this wonderful man. A wise man, a gentle man, G-d used him to heal that hurt in my soul and in short order, I was laughing once again.
When he called, I had just stepped out f the shower, so I had to quickly dry off. While speaking, I realized I could not find my glasses. I said, "Markie! I can't find my glasses!"
Nerd So he helped me walk through the steps to find my peepers.
We got a good laugh; I often lose my glasses at least once a week and poor Mark always had to stop what he was doing to help me find it.
Fitness TV is now teaching Belly Dancing. While I do know many of the moves, I am going to start working out with the program. It has been said that one of the things I should do while my beloved is deployed is learn something new, something to improve myself and grow as a person.
Belly Dancing.

Works for me. Belly Dancer

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