Sunday, October 19, 2008

He Who Loves

From 14th Nov
He who loves brings God and the World together.- Martin Buber, "At the Turning

When I first met Mark, I had to blink several times.
Because for a brief moment, I thought I was looking into the very face of Yeshua. The most gentle, kind, sweet face, the most beautiful blue-green eyes I'd ever seem. I thought he was a rabbi or studying to be one. Yes, he has a military bearing and it isn't hard to see or believe he is indeed a soldier. But there is also the Spirit of the Living G-d that shines through for all to see. And in Mark, I feel the love of G-d.
If you truly wish to see the Face of G-d, look at a husband who truly loves his wife as "Yeshua loves His Bride." It's in the love of a mummie for her child. It is a child's smile as she or he prays. G-d is Love and when we both give and see love, He is there.

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