Monday, October 20, 2008

It's Cold! A Good Day to Quilt

Quilting From Nov, 2007:

I have a few DVD's to return to Naro's rental and then after a quick stop @ Star Bucks, I shall set to quilt. It is cold enough today to get some work done.
I plan to work at least an hour a day (except for Shabbat of course) on this quilt. The aim; prayer for Mark of course, but to have it finished by the time he returns home.

I am also planning on making a quilt for my little niece Lizzie. I have to plan a trip to the fabric shop for this. I will be looking for the Diseny Princesses. I think she would like that as well. That shall be fun to make as well.
I began crafting as an expression of my love of colour and texture as well wanting to give gifts made from my hands and heart. But I also find that the working of my hands was healing to my own emotions, my own heart as well.

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