Sunday, October 19, 2008

Not Into Halloween

There pass few weeks there has been a build up to this night; Halloween.
Actually, this began just after School's opening. The decoratings, candy customs. Once fun only children shared in, Halloween is now almost as big as Christmas
Sorry, not my day.
If one is a follower of HaShem, one who follows and obeys the Torah, then this is not an issuse. If one has studied the Torah, then one knows that the roots and meaning of Halloween are forbidden in the Torah. And we do not engage in celebration thereof.
But if the Torah means nothing, then this is mote point.
For me, I have come to to the plac that I realize that anything, any day that does not honour HaShem, then I do not partake.

Our 'HolyDays' honour the L-rd. They are 'His Days'. If He doesn't recieve the glory, then according to scripture, this is not a Holy Day. Ours Holy Days celebrate Life, not Death.
This afternnoon I recieved a call from my Mark.
Oh, how good to hear his voice. He said he is most concern that I am not sleeping and that he would start calling me a few mornings (his time) a week to sing me to sleep. I would love that.
Mark has also told me he send his address.
So, tomorrow I head for the store to get the things he has asked for and of course...make the cookies.

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