Monday, October 27, 2008

Almost Ready

From Friday, November 30, 20073:44:00 PM EST
Feeling: Anxious
Hearing:Fox New
Shabbat is alittle more than an hour away.

The Challah is in the over and the house is almost back together. From now on, I will indeed stick to the 5-6 am Challah making time.
Yes, the house was very cold this morning, and if I have to get up an hour earlier, I will.
I am thankful I'd already made supper,

so all I have to do is heat it up.Mark called, just before Sabbat his time. Already getting dark, he said. He said he needs more candles. So I will go shopping next week.
Since they can't have wine on base, Mark has asked for grape juice for Shabbat. I am also going to order Kosher meals and Challah for him to be send to Iraq. I realize as we spoke, the last time he had Challah was the last Shabbat he was home. There was a fellow soldier, Jewish, who Mark had welcomed Shabbat with, but he has since gone home.
I need to find a to make sure that he starts getting Challah for Shabbat. And my hope is that others will begin to join him for Ere Sabbat.
The things we in this country take for granted.

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