Sunday, October 19, 2008

Love From Ramadia

From 6th Nov 2007:

Call From Ramada:
It has been good to talk to Mark the past three days. Sadly, each time the line goes dead after awhile. But then, that is part of life in Iraq. But he says things are going well. Working very hard, putting lots of hours. The unit is replacing another who will be coming home soon. But he does find a few minutes to call and get an e-mail out to me.
Even though the line does go dead at times, I am still glad to hear from him. In those few moments, we are able to touch, to share our love and give each other strenght and encouragement.
Thank G-d for telephones. Even Iraqi phones.

Camp Ramadi
Camp Ramadi used to be an Iraqi Army post. It isw just outside the city of Ramadi, Iraq. There are a few buildings here, but it is mostly tents and other temporary dwellings. The ground is a fine, dusty powder that gets all over everything. Its dry and gets all up my nose and in my eyes. Soon, though, I will not have to worry about that as it will be one big, soupy mess.
I live in a wooden building they call a Squaw Hut. I think that is how you spell it. It's about 10x20ft, and is made to hold six people. Right now we have four. Two others live with me, and an interpreter lives on the other side. He lives by himself. Lucky guy. I guess my roommates are not that bad. I will let you know more. Right now it is time for bed...


Sweet dreams, Hearheart.

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