Sunday, October 19, 2008

Oatmeal Cookies

From 13 Nov 2007:
I helped a friend make oatmeal cookies today.
She had never made cookies before so this was a treat. And to see the joy on her children's faces was a true delight.
While she should have mixed the sugars with the butter (she mixed all the dry stuff togetther) I was able to spoon the sugars into the butter and then finish mixing the cookies.
They came out great. This was a great teaching experinence for my friend.
For this is what G-d does with our the mistakes in our lives. He turns our mistakes into Masterpieces.
I put my batch of the cookies in the freezer. They will be part of Marks's first Care Package out.
During this time, Mark called.

He had called home, then tried to reach my cell phone. But after 15 minutes, the call was dropped.
I hate that. But at least he was able to leave me a message.
He said he will call this morning.
It is late. I am now going to turn off the computer, get something cold to drink and go to bed.
And hopefully before I fall asleep, Mark will call.

He did.

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