Monday, October 20, 2008

Too Sad to Quilt

From Nov 2007
I recieved some very sad news last night.

A family memeber, dearly loved and yet for reasons known to none has rejected his family.
We have known this for years and yet tonight I heard the words I'd felt in my soul for so long; he wants nothing to do with me.
I have yet to figure out what I have done to make this person hate me so. I keep telling myself it is that person's problem and not my. But it still hurts.
I do not wish to put that pain into Mark's quilt. So I shall wait until tomorrow to pick up the piece and start anew. Mark's quilt is an act of love and joy. And the only tears that fall upon it will be tears of love and joy and hope his face will light up when he finally sees it.

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