Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Preparating For Hanukkah; My Reflections

I remember our first Hanukkah together.

Having been raised in Boston, one of the things I was use to was the Hanukkah Bush.
Yes, I know, there is no such thing as a Hanukkah Bush.
Hanukkah Bushes came about as a way to off-set Christmas. Given the wonder and richness of the Holy Day, it doesn't need any glitter or gold, but has a wonder and awe of its own.
During this time, I still had two Hanukkah Bushes.
Since then, I no longer do the Bush. They never even heard of "Hanukkah Bushes" here in Virginia.
Anyway, Mark came over to help me decorate for the holidays. I love this time of year. I would have white lights against evergreen and little Victorian figuries I have collected. I also had a winter villiage, lots of snow. The only time I like snow. I had at that time only two hanukkiahs. A hanukkiah is special, nine branch menorah we use only during Hanukkah. One was a small ivory and pearl hanukkiah I found at a Hallmark store. I have since given it to a single friend of my. The other was nine glass candlestick holders I wrapped in evergreen branches.
Now, we have several hanukkah's ; one that was a gift to Mark from his parnets, one we brought for our first Hanukkah as a couple. I found one in a seond hand store that was made in Isreal. We saw a TeddyBear hanukkiah with TeddyBears. It was sold out last year; I will pick it up tomorrow.
The Chaplen gave Mark an hanukkiah, so that he too will light the lights of Freedom.
I am praying that one day, we will have one for the children G-d will bless us with. And we shall tell them of our Hanuakkahs of days gone by.

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