Thursday, October 30, 2008

Second Day of Hanukkah

I made it back home just before it was time for me to kindle the candles.

It was both a sweet and sad moment, yet gave me a measure of piece because I was indeed kindling the lights the same time my beloved. I smiled, for in my mind's eye I could see him lighting them as well. I am hoping he calls this afternoon.
It is bitterly cold today, so I am making lentil soup for supper. In the meantime while the lentils are doing their thing, I am making Haunkkah cookies, latkes and salmon cakes for tomorrow. We will enjoy the foods of Hanukkah at our Temple tomorrow. I am making sweet pototoe lakes and salom cakes and will freeze them. This way all I have to do is heat them up before Sabbat in the oven. I also have cookie cutters in the shapes of Stars of David, dreidels and of course Judah Maccabee.
So while it is biting cold outside, I will be nice and toasty warm inside. Cooking, baking and waiting for Mark to call.

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