Sunday, October 19, 2008


I confess to be angry.
I had gone to Beth Messiah early this evening for the Torah Study.
I had to plug in my Laptop, thinking it would be fine for a few minutes.
But when I came back, I became angry my computer had been moved to another part of the table.
But instead of that person just asking me to come and asking me could I move my Laptop to another location (that spot was being used to serve food) she actually started to pick up my laptop. You just don't do that!
Now, for all of you who don't have Laptops, you might wonder "what is the big deal?" But is you are the owner of one, you know that you don't like just anyone messing your 'baby'. And frankly, it is impolite to touch something that doesn't belong to you.
Anyway, there was a a great deal was made out of the whole thing. I didn't know I had cross a line and instead of being asked to remove the Laptop, it was moved for me. It took my having to say: "if I had dropped my computer, it is on me. But if you dropped it, can you really afford to go out and buy me a new one? (The anwer was no)
This person has been tapdancing on my last nerves for several days and things finally came to a head.
So I moved my computer and went into the Santuray. It is quiet, peaceful. I stood before the Ark, holding the Crown Jewel; the Torah. Praying.
And I began to dance. Turning my anger and frustation over someone I cannot change, only learn to love, into worship to my G-d. I began to dance for my Heavenly Father, feeling His peace returning.

I danced for my beloved Mark, who loves to watch me. And yes, even joins me.

Within an hour, I was fine, able to enjoy the rest of the evening. Soon, the Torah study will begin and I will be able to listen and learn.
All because I took the time to dance.

I need to dance more.

Life may not always be the party we hoped for but while we are here we might as well dance.

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