Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving....Not Really

Turkey Wave
Everywhere I go, I hear the words, "Happy Thanksgiving."
Not really.

Yes, I will spend the day with Mark's parnets, who I love dearly.

Yes, I have Dad's collard greens ready.
But my Mark isn't here and I miss him so very much. When we were first married, we hosted a Thanksgiving Dinner at the Synagogue. It was for our elderly who had no family and would have no dinner. My in-laws also took part.
It was our favorite Thanksgiving, for we were truly giving of ourselves, sharing the blessing G-d has given us.
Last year, we went to see both our families and by that evening, we were wore out from the visits.
Never again. From now on, Williamsburge until we have a house and children of our own.
We had planned on going to Williamburge this year, but then Mark was called up and those plans were changed. I have to work on my mood; for it is quite sour at the moment and I refuse to bring the family down with my depression.
I plan to press out the fabric for Mark's quilt and work on finishing a project.
And yet, it is in the working on his quilt that brings me comfort. It is my promise that my beloved shall return to my awaiting arms. I am also reminded to pray for other wives like myself, waiting for our men to return.

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