Sunday, October 19, 2008

What's Happening on the Ramadi Front

From 12th Nov 2007
What's Happening on the Ramadi Front
I am listening to one of my wife and my favorite CDs. In fact, the last time I was shipped to Iraq, she gave me this CD with Marty's signature! I was so thrilled and honored. I love the way my Pookie Bear loves me. She always looks for those things that I would like when she buys me gifts.
Anyway, I am starting my third week here in Iraq. The first two weeks I spent getting the CERP Coordination Cell revised. I have been successful so far. I just need to make sure that I work with Brigade so finalize the adjustments needed. Today I went on my second mission out into the city. It was to the RMCC (Ramadi Municipal Coordination Center). From there, I went with 1LT Morris to escort the DG of Dams and Water Usage onto a Coalition and Iraqi Army FOB (Forward Operating Base). He needed to report on the condition of the dredging equipment he was using for the Euphrates River. All I have to say is that it was an eye-opening experience. The dredger they are using is from 1989. Needless to say, it is not in very good shape. In fact, DG said it would be more cost effective to buy a new dredger, rather than try and repair the one being used. I also got to see the pipes that we destroyed as we were setting up the FOB, and I also got to see the place where the sediment is supposed to go. We turned it into a burn pit and dump. I just had to think to myself how much additional damage we did that could have been avoided. All I have to say is that it makes me think.


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