Monday, October 20, 2008

Mark's Quilt

When Mark and I were discussing the things I could do while he was deployed, including traveling to see family and volunteering, I reminded him of all of the projects, including the various projects I can finish, others waiting just begging to get started. I have enough to keep me busy.
Mark's quilt.
I actually began Mark's quilt three years ago. The first thing was the pattern. I wear a Star of David a friend gave me from a trip to Israel. The star is divided into twelve triangles. In each triangle there is a symbol for each of the twelve tribes. Mark loved that neckline and asked if I could make that into a quilt for him. At the time were rebuilding our relationship. We had been courting, but when he came home from his second deployed, we had a major blowup.

After the dusk settled, we both realized we didn't wish to lose the treasure we had in each other. We went to the fabric store and found the midnight background, but I didn't find the other materials needed. That would take time. I hit several fabric stores until I found a store sold Hanukkah fabric. I also found an online company that sold the fabric I wanted. During the time I was searching for the fabric:
we learned Mark had cancer,
he went through treatment,
we got engaged, had a lovely Jewish wedding
started our life long honeymoon three weeks away on an amazing honeymoon,
found our new apartment, moved in,
had a miscarried.

I found the twelve and last fabric the week before Hanukkah last year.
During that time, I drew out the pattern of the Star of David and worked on each of
the symbols of the twelve tribes. It is my prayer to have it finished and on our bed when he comes home.

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