Sunday, October 19, 2008

Running in Iraq. Walking in Virginia

I'd started walking again. Walking
Last week I brought a large pink sweat shirt and big, comforty black yoga pants and some socks. Yesterday I found a pink ball cap to match the shirt. It has the Hebrew letters Yod and Tav which spell the world "life" and under that the word "Maintenance". It's a play on the pronouncing of the Hebrew word for life, would sound like "High Maintenance." I have the tee-shirt and coffee mug that says the same thing. Mark says it is quite true.
I spoke to Mark last night; just as I'm going to bed, his day is starting. He called just before he went for his run.

To sing me to sleep.
And I slept well.
I awoke, prepared for the day and took my walk. The air clear and crisp. The sun high and the neighborhood dogs taking their masters for their morning jog.
When I returned home, I stretched and made coffee.
It's going to be a good day.

I worked some on Mark's quilt. It makes me smile as I work. For I picture his face when he sees it finally done.
One of the things that beats depression is serving others. For it takes one's mind off oneself.
One of my readers is concern about my being alone. PinkArmywife77 asked if I was part of the Military community here. It would make a difference,
Sadly no.
Mark's unit is stated from Fort Bragg. We live in Virginia. Therefore there is no support other than friends and family.
And yes, it does make a difference.

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