Monday, October 20, 2008

Finally! A Phone Call

If a commandment comes your way, don't delay.- Mekhilta, Bo

The phone system has been messed up since Friday, so I hadn't spoken to Mark for a few days. He called this afternoon.
Oh, how good it is to hear his voice. They no longer have internet service in their private rooms, so Mark will have to write me from his office for now.
But I praise G-d for the internet!
He sounds good, just misses his wife. And his wife misses him so very much. We are truly looking for those two weeks he will have in April.

Passover with my beloved Mark.
The bathroom sink is clotted, so I had to go and get some Draino. On my way home, my cell phone rang. It was my dear sister in Yeshua, Sarah.

She said I was heavy on her heart and she had to call. I am so glad she did. I then shared the pain of the past few days. I am so thankful that G-d moved upon her heart to call me. I felt so much better after speaking to her. I thank G-d for dear Sarah.
Earlier in the day, David brought me a 11 pound turkey, figuring I would know someone who could use it. Well, I remembered Mum Reel haven't brought the turkey for Christmas dinner and so I will be bringing the turkey. Along with Dad's Collard greens.
Ain't G-d Good

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