Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Another Shabbat

Friday, November 30, 20078:39:00 AM EST

Feeling: Quiet

Watching: Fox News

I awoke to a chilly apartment, so I have to wait for the house to warm up before I can start the Challah.

One of the problems of this lovely apartment is that it isn't the greatest for baking. Our building sits on the of a main street and with the trucks rolling by, the building shakes. And it took time to find a dark place for my yeast to work; not to hot that it kills the yeast and not to cool that it doesn't work at all.

Plus, the Kitchen is tiny, so I have to use the dinning room to make the Challah. Which is one of the reasons I start so early. So that I can clean my dinningroom before Shabbat begins.
My upstairs neighor brought me some cookies she hah made. I have got to get the recipe; they were awesome. But she was upset because they didn't get fluffy. And I pointed out the problem of the apartment. And sadly that is why most of the time, my Challah doesn't come out so fluffy and light. It seems that between 5 and 6 in the morning is the best time to bake .

And I am not a morning person. But, then it is a good way to start the day. Along with prayer and study.

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