Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Preparing For Hanukkah

I spoke to Mark this afternoon.
Sadly we were disconnected.
We are both sad; it is our first Hanukkah apart in three years.
Our first Hanukkah was with Uncle Jim and Aunt Michael. It was so good to finally meet this part of Mark's family. And we had an awesome time. It was a time of healing for us. I'd suffered a miscarriage and wasn't handling it well.
Plus, newly married, we had been dealing with a lot; Mark's Chemo and radition treatments, setting up a new home, Mark starting a new job and attending classes. We were busy at our Temple. Uncle Jim (a Rabbi) gentley put it to Mark; that at this time, we were a young married couple and having gone through so much, we needed to pull back and forcus on each other.
We did and it made a world of difference in our marriage and in our lives.
Last year, we had family and friends over for a Hanukkah supper.
So much fun and we were able to share the Hanukkah story for those who did not know. I made salom; Mark made the latkess, following my recipe. He is a very good cook. I have suggested that he give the cook at Camp R my recipe and see if he would be willing to make latkes. Latkes
It will be a different memory.
But I know this; we will kindle the lights together, though worlds apart.

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