Monday, October 20, 2008

Phones Down

This is a picture of a tree down the street from our apartment. I love the colours.

From Nov 27, 2007
I recieved an e-mail from Mark today.

It seem that the phone system is a mess right now and isn't able to call right now. He send me, however, a story he plans to post in the journal in the morning. And since it is his story, I will allow him to tell it.
Yesterday, I found a nice piece of beef and lamb. So I decided to make two stews. But as the evening wore on and the meats were smeling so good, I decided just to chop the two meats and make one large stew.

Ahhh....the scents coming out of my kitchen. Carrots, oinons, garlic, pototes, leeks, lamb and beef. I made a nice herb rouge that thicken the stew and will make some savory flat bread to go with.

As I made this stew, I ws reminded that this is often the very stew I make for our Shabbat table during the winter.

I started thinking that a herb-garlic Challah would be a nice touch. I would like to make this for Mark, but this remembered that will have to wait until he comes home. He will have a pass during Passover, but duirng this time, we eat unleaven bread and Challah would not be permitted. But then, if I get some dry ice, I should be able to send him some. I shall have to check into that.
I had a very nice nap this afternoon. I didn't sleep well last night, so the nap did me well.

I have rental a DVD about the life of C.S. Lewis, so I am looking forward to a nice quiet evening of watching a movie and sewing.

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