Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Beloved

From Tuesday, December 11, 200711:59:00 PM EST

Feeling: Quiet
I really shouldn't have been surprised by the dress and scarf from Iraq. It's just the thoughtful thing Mark would have done.

It's just his nature. Mark is the sweetest, kindest man I know. Not perfect, but perfect for me.
I remember when we were preparing for our wedding. Nothing but the best would do for me. Mark said he could look into my heart and knew what I wanted. If I wanted it; it was mine. Nothing was too good for his beloved.

And he still treats me in the same matter.

I think it is one of the many, many reasons I love Mark. The love, honour and respect I recieve as his wife, as his beloved.
Almost every Shabbat of our married life, I receive flowers. I have more 'just because' gifts than I can count. Even now, I can receive a phone call; "just to hear your voice" or "just to say I love you." Or a card in the mail.
Sometimes, if I close my eyes, I can feel my head resting upon his chest, feel his breath upon my hair, his hand stroking my cheek. I can even now hear his whispering my name, kissing my nose. I can heart his heart beating in my ear and inhale his scent.
To love and to be loved is a most precious gift from G-d.

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