Sunday, October 19, 2008

I Called My Mother

I will be honest. This has been a hard week.
Busy, helping a friend in need and yet things I needed to do was left undone. Last night I finally had enough and several people saw a side of 'Oh So Sweet Laini' they didn't think existed.
So, I called my Mother.

My mum, next to Mark, my biggest cheerleader as well as my loudest critic. If I am wrong, being touchy, she will be the first to point it out.
My mummie asked how I was and when I sighed, she just said; "Talk to me."And with that I let out that I'd had bottled up My anger over the stupid, thoughtless questions and comments, that folks, bless their hearts, speak out without giving thought or prayer to their words.

"Have you heard from Mark?" (Try hearing this 30 times in 20 minutes.
"How's Mark? (See the above)
No one ask how I am doing.
The "Well, know I am praying for you."
"Well, you look like your doing well."
The "oh, Laini has nothing to do, she can do this!"
And then there is my favorite, "well, what did you expect? You knew this could happen when you marry into the military."
My mummie allowed me to just get off my chest, allowing me to cry and even yell. She said I wasn't yelling at her, but at the situation. I felt the peace return and a few hours later, my headache left.
Mum and Dad Reel are the same, in their support and their love. They never push or demand, just love me and their son through this time. Dad being former Navy, they both know first hand what Mark and I are going through; the worry, the sleepless nights and the prayers. Their undertanding as well as their prayers and support get me through these times.
It is said that which doesn't kill one, will make one Strong.

Abba, I hope that is true.

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