Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Job

From 29th, Nov 2007
From Moshe the Mouse:
My job; simple really.
To make Imma (Laini) happy and bring her comfort. Easy to do.
After all, that is what we stuffed animals do best.
We don't judge. We are good listeners and never repeat what was told to us. It is our job to just cuddle back. To allow the tears the fall. To be held tighter through a thunder storm. To bring a smile to the face.
And in my case, Imma sticks me in her tote bag and takes me almost everywhere with her. She says I bring her comfort as well as good company. People often stop when they see my little head sticking out of Imma's tote and many a child tries to claim me.
But my heart belongs to Imma.
Just like Abba (Mark) .
Tomorrow, Starbucks.

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