Monday, October 20, 2008

The Scent Of Shabbat

Ahhh Challah. Also known as the Bread of Heaven.

Just the thought of shabbat makes me smile.It is one of the Scent of Shabbat.

As the loaves's sweet scent filling the air, telling us Shabbat is just a few hours away. Its Scent lasting as long as Shabbat herself.

The Challah is also known as She.

She who glows under the Shabbat candles. Dipped in salt to remind Mark and I of our marriage convenat. The salomen that goes so nicely on it. If there is any left over; great for Challah pudding, french toast and stuffing.
I don't care how bad the week has been.

When Friday morning dawns, a smile rises upon my face. For it is time to make the Challah and Sabbat is coming.

My table is set and ready. I light the candles, bless the Wine and the Challah and enjoy my meal with The L-rd and the scent of Shabbat.

Then I look at the empty chair next to me.

Good Shabbo, Mark.

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