Thursday, October 30, 2008

Love From Iraq

From Saturday, December 8, 20078:04:00 PM EST
Feeling: Happy Hearing A Christmas Carol

Love From Iraq.
I went downstairs to get the mail and found a large box.

It was from Mark. He has told me he was sending me my Hanukkah gifts. Here this man is in a warzone and he is shopping for Hanukkah gifts for his wife.
Now you see why I'm crazy for this man I am blessed to call my husband.
He send me a pillow. I am sure its one of his pillows. He had anointed his body oil, myrhh on it. His scent now fills the air. His smell.

I remember reading in the Song of Songs years ago: "my beloved's hands drip of myrhh."
Since then I wished to marry a man who wore myrhh. Years later, after we met, and we were engaged, Mark went with me to the place where I have my body oils made. I wear rose-myrhh. Mark wanted to know what myrhh would smell on him.
My dream come true! Myrhh is a clean, scent, smells like baby powder.
And my beloved indeed is the scent of myrhh.
I had just send him a bottle of his oil and now I have a pillow with his scent upon it. I know I shall sleep well and dream only of my beloved.
Mark also send me a Teddy Bear. He is so cute. A tiny honeybear with a white-tee shirt and the army logo. He now sits next to the Teddy Bear Hanukkahial. The one I light at 11 am, the same time Mark light his. There is also the same wallet he carries. This way, I have a part of him in my purse along with our wedding pictures.
This box, filled with things my beloved placed in it, filled to overflowing with his love, cheered my heart more that any movie or bowel of popcorn could ever do.

The answer to the simple question Mai Hanukkah?--What is Hanukkah?--has continued to be like the flickering flame of the menorah. The flame never looks the same from one instant to the next, but at its core it remains unchanged.- Rabbi Michael Strassfeld

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