Sunday, October 19, 2008

No Boots

Shopping 2
As always, I had a great time with Sarah. First stop; Starbucks! And yes! I had my peppermint white mocha latte. Very Good! Highly recommended.
But we did not find boots Crying 1
I have big feet (11 wide) so boot shopping isn't fun. There was one place I found and I could order online. But for $179.00 and I would only wear them a few months, not worth it. If I lived up north, that would be another story. So, I will have to go online: I'd sure I will find what I'd looking for. But I did find some treats for Mark that I will send in future Care packages.
But I needed that time with Sarah. I needed that time to vent with someone who would not judge me, would not give me those packed answers. You know the ones:
1. "Well, you knew what you were getting into when you married into the military. What did you expect?"
2. "Where is your faith? By being sad, stressed or depressed is a lack of faith."
Or there is my favorite:
3."I'm too blessed to be stressed. And what is that supposed to mean? Tell you what; you have a husband in a war zone for 18 months and then we can talk."

Having faced similiar questions when her mum was battling cancer, Sarah understood much of what I was feeling.
We spend a few moments in prayer and I felt so much better.
While waiting for Sarah, I found a very nice bookcase someone put out. All I need to do is remove the paint off the side. It will be great to put in the dinningroom and put my quilting, clearing lots of space and keeping the dinningroom looking nice.
In a few minutes, I shall take a warm shower, make a cup peppermint tea (I found it helps me sleep) and curl up with the Torah.
And pray that Mark calls this evening before I go to sleep.
I Love You

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