Sunday, October 19, 2008

Freedom Is Not Free

From 11th Nov 2007:

Today is Veteran's Day.
It isn't a day about war; but to honour the men and women who had fought for our freedom. And those who still do. For the men and women who have died so that I might live in a country where I am free to marry whom I wish, worship my G-d without fear and pursuit my dreams and G-d willing, see them come true.
It bothers me that what we hear more is of the sales this Veteran's Day Weekend: If you are a Veteran, we will give you so much off.
During the service where I worship yesterday, not word was spoken in honour of the men and women who serve or prayer on their behalf. If we truly honour our military, let's do more than lip service. How about the Day set aside to honour them 'really' honours them.
But of course, if you say to member of the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine or Coast Gurad, they will tell you simply and humbling "I'm just doing my job."
To serve and protect. More than a job; a high calling.
Men, like my father, step-father, uncles and cousins. Men like my father-in-law, and two brothers-in-law. Men like my son and my husband. Women, like Rhonda who is far away from her husband and two children.
This day. G-d bless each and everyone of them and May our honoured dead rest in peace.
Eagle Flag
I went out for a walk today. There was a beautiful platter we recieved as a gift last year, but it got broken in the mail. I found somewhare I thought it could be repaired. The layd took it and glued it. It didn't hold, so I will go to Michael's and find something stronger.
But the day was beautiful. Sunny, alittle on the chilly side. But I had brought a new sweater outfit (pick sweat shirt and nice, comforty yoga pants) and it was nice just t get out and walk about the neighorhood. There is even a new shop. For dogs. Doggie clothes, boots, bubble bath and even nail polish for doggie toes. I kid you not. If she puts puts up an Help Wanted sign, I'm going to apply. Mark, who loves dogs, would....(and I am watching my langugae here) not care for this store.
It gave me the laugh I need.
Mum Reel called. I love her. She wanted to know how I was doing. Really. I don't wish to bundle them because this is just as hard on his parents as it is on me. But I so appreactate their love and support. I love the fact that she just listens. And then she gives me words of encouragement that helps me make it yet another week.
But, then, being a Navy wife, she knows how this feels. I thank G-d for her and Dad Reel daily.

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