Monday, October 20, 2008

Cute, But Not My Family, By Moshe the Mouse

Musings of Moshe the Mouse
Thursday, November 15, 2007
Feeling Happy
Hearing No Music; The Sound of Rain
A Cute Family...But Not Us

Mini Mishpacha Jewish Doll Family - Basic 4-Doll Set
A lovely family the above is. But it doesn't look like my family. My Abba is very tall with blonde hair and blue-green eyes that Imma said she fell in love with the moment she saw them. Imma is the colour of Mocha and has long, thick red-brown hair Abba loves to play with.
The above family is a very nice family indeed. But why can't the creator of this family make families that look mine? Colourful. I can't wait to see what Imma and Abba's babies will look like. I want them to have babies. But Abraham says they will come in G-d's time.
I miss Arbaham; I can't wait for his next letter from Iraq. But Imma said be patient.
Coffee's ready! And cheese grits. It's going to be a good morning.
What a lovely couple. She a lovely bride; he a handsome groom. But they don't come close to my Imma and Abba.

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