Monday, October 27, 2008

Mark Called

It has been a wonderful Shabbat.

Changing the date of the Challah Class did help: I now have six students.
And I am very pleased. More and more of the men are getting up and dancing so, last night I had the honour of leading the dance and today it was Lian. I also taught today since Lian'ss foot was bothering her.
Ere Shabbat, I was blessed to kindle the Shabbat candle once again.
This morning, as Rabbi began his Drash, Mark called. And since I'd forgotten to turn it on vibrate, the Ring Tune could be heard.

Since that means "ain't nothin' like the reel thin'" began to play, telling all around me that Mark called. I really didn't care; my beloved was calling and I needed to hear his voice.
He sounds good, enjoying his day off.

Rabbi had voiced an interested in speaking to Mark earlier, so this gave them a very minutes to chat. I could see the relief on Joe's face to hear Mark for himself. They have a always had a very special relationship.
Mark says I am doing great. I don't think I am, but if Mark says I am, then I am. I recieve great strenght from my beloved. I know that we going through this "deployment" together. Mark's of course is more hands on. My is to pray and make sure others know how to pray for him. To make sure he gets his peanut butter and grape juice and find a way to have Challah delievered for Shabbat. To send e-mail and Care Packages (those loving touches from home) and be ready with jokes and a listening ear. I remember one night before Mark rang off, he said: "I can face this, knowing you will be waiting for me. That I have you and our home to return to." And knowing my beloved will return to me, to our home, get me through this as well.
I am about to have a cup of hot coco and relax for the evening. Tomorrow, I will start decorating for Hanukkah. This has always been a special holiday for us and I wish to keep up the tradition.
I know Mark would wish me to.

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I did not realize it was so close to Hannakuh for you. I'm sorry if I spelled that wrong. It does make a lot of difference when two people support each other the way that you and Mark do. Being deployed is very hard on families and knowing that someone is waiting for you and cares makes alot of difference. 'On Ya'-ma