Sunday, October 19, 2008

Laini Goes Shopping

From 1 Nov 2007:
Ah! I slept like a baby after Mark sang me to sleep.
After paying the rent, I headed for the store.
Not just for the things I need, but the things Mark has asked for.
Arm and Hammer Laundry soap. (We use this for our workout clothes. )
His favorite Greek salad dressing. Next to the one I make.
Spearment and peppermint tea for SunTea. I make a mint Ice Tea he loves. Hopes he finds a large enough jar. I need to ask if he needs sugar as well.
Knippers for his salad. I taught Mark my favorite salad using knippers and now it is his favorite as well.
Peanut butter.
Powered Galor-Aid. Have to keep looking. Haven't found it yet.
And of course, homemade cookies. Chocolate chip and peanut butter. That I will do this weekend after Sh abbath, since I plan to send the first box out Monday.
And a small gift wrapped box. Filled with kisses.
Blow A Kiss

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